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Talent Evaluation and Career Plan

Talent evaluation is to use the research results of modern psychology, management and related disciplines to measure people's ability, level, personality characteristics and other factors through objective methods such as psychological tests and situational simulation, and make a scientific evaluation of their quality, development potential, personality characteristics and other psychological characteristics according to the job needs and enterprise organizational characteristics, so as to provide a scientific basis for enterprise employment, selection education and other human resources management and development work to provide valuable reference information. 

Talent evaluation is a scientific means to systematically and objectively measure and evaluate people's abilities, personal characteristics and behaviors through the comprehensive use of psychology, management and talent science. It is a service that provides scientific basis for recruitment, selection, allocation and evaluation of talents, and improves the efficiency and benefits of individuals and enterprises. It plays an important role in human resource management and development.

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Adress:1807 Nisheng square, Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province

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